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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Bart & Fleming: Is China Hollywood’s Future, Or Folly? (Deadline)

Peter Bart and Mike Fleming Jr. worked together for two decades atDaily Variety. In this weekly Sunday column, two old friends get together and grind their axes on the movie business. Bart: Everyone I encounter in town this week seems fixated on Chinese takeout — only it’s finance, not food. Specifically, funding for films and theme parks. Here’s the catch: For every mogul who claims he’s made a ‘killer deal,’ I run into ten who say their deals imploded. “Once your deal closes with the Chinese, that’s when the real negotiations begin,” according to one veteran of the co-production Joshua Garnett Jersey process. Jeff Robinov and Ryan Kavanaugh may have announced megadeals, but will they get their money? On a smaller scale, look what just happened to Paramount on theirTransformers: Age Of Extinction deal – a Chinese partner (the Pangu Group) changed their minds when they saw the film and it endangered the China release of the movie. Two weeks ago China abruptly scrapped a giant alliance between the world’s three largest container-shipping companies, triggering confusion among Euro entities like Maersk as well as US lines. Fleming: Pangu disagreed with how its Pangu Plaza property was displayed in Transformers, and used as pressure the threat of delaying China distribution to get its way. Everybody walks on eggshells in these China dealings, but after watching his Jiaflix dragged unfairly through the mud, former Academy presidentSid Ganis called Pangu on it. He noted Joshua Garnett Womens Jersey that in a court filing, Pangu demanded $1.8 million, which meant it would get the value of its product placement deal gratis. Hollywood is flocking to China the way so many did to California in 1849. Smart guys from Jeff Berg to Robinov, Kavanaugh, Ganis and a bunch of new production entities like Amasia, run by Michael Helfant and Bradley Gallo. I hope it works for all of them, but […]