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A Blog Post

Review: FEAR, INC.

Opening night of the recent Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Miami kicked off with a film that other than seeing it on the program and reading the short synopsis, I had heard little about. As usual I opted to not read up on it and go in knowing as little as possible. That film was the horror-comedy Fear, Inc. and as it turned out, it ended up being a great way to start the fest and the crowd seemed to think so too.

Fear, Inc. tells the story of Joe Foster (Lucas Neff), a likable yet lazy horror movie junkie, with a love for all things scary. Jobless Joe lives with his successful, loving and very patient girlfriend Lindsey (Caitlin Stasey). From the get go it is obvious Lindsey loves Joe despite his job related shortcomings, as evidenced by her willingness to spend date night out at a seedy haunted attraction (Joe’s choosing). A place that eventually that leaves Joe lamenting the fact that nothing scares him anymore. Overhearing this, a stranger (Patrick Renna of Sandlot fame) hands the couple his business card saying his company can change that for them. To provide just a bit more set up to give context of the rest of the review without spoiling anything, the next day Joe’s best friend Ben (the always reliable Chris Marquette) and his wife Ashleigh (Stephanie Drake) come to visit to spend Halloween with Joe and Lindsey. As you may have guessed, Joe, against the pleas of everyone, decides to call Fear Inc. inadvertently getting more than he ever bargained for.

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